God's Grace For All Nations

Our Mission

GGFAN has been working among the unreached tribes through one of our main departments “The department to the unreached”. We have now been able to do mission work among the Samburu, the Arial Rendille, the Borana, the Turkana and the Lchamusi among others. Kenya has at least 22 unreached tribes and GGFAN’s mission is to To make the Gospel more accessible to Kenya’s 22 unreached and Least reached Tribes. Our Strategy is to Work cross-culturally (not just Kikuyu Tribe), Develop new indigenous leaders in each tribe, Cooperate with other ministries globally, Meet physical and spiritual needs, Glorify Jesus, not GGFAN.

The least reached and unreached tribes include the Arabs, Ariaal Rendille, Bajun, Boni, Borana, LChamus, Daasanech, Deaf, Digo, Dorobo, Gabbra, Garreh-Ajuran, Malakote, Munyoyaya, Nubi, Orma, Rendille, Sakuye, Samburu, Sanye, Shirazi, Somali, South Asians, Swahili,

We are currently having missionaries to the Borana, Samburu and the Lchamusi. We are also working with the body of Christ in Samburu and we have a vision to open 1,000 churches in the county to make the Samburu a reached community. This is what is translated to NKALUP vision meaning one thousand in Samburu.

Our Work



GGFAN works with local and international churches to spread the Word of God throughout all the tribes of Kenya. This video shows some of our work and missions that have touched our hearts.

Our Churches

God's Grace for All Nations supports several churches nationally. The organization equips pastors with the ability to spread the Gospel throughout many different tribes and bring people closer to Christ through ministry, fellowship, and love.

Our Support

Our mission cannot be completed without the help and support of our friends and family worldwide who we have been blessed to receive love and care from. If you would like to help by donating, see this page. If you would like to learn how to help in other ways, contact Rev. Simon Mwuara.