Home of the Good Shepherd

Our Mission

Mission: To Nurture and Empower Orphans and Vulnerable through education and skills aquisition in a Christian environment and make them agents of change.

Vision: Children who graduate to become Godly responsible, industrious, self-reliant citizens who can serve the world passionately.

Motto: Transforming lives.

Values: Love, confidence, integrity, servanthood.

Our Children



There are currently sixty-eight children at the Home of the Good Shepherd. To see a list of the children and their stories, click here.

Our Home


The Home of the Good Shepherd Orphanage is located just outside of Nyahururu, Kenya. It currently holds sixty-eight children. The orphanage has crop fields, a greenhouse, and animals from which to draw resources to sustain on throughout the year. The Home of the Good Shepherd recently installed electricity. The Home sends each of its children to school, either private or public, nearby, as well as providing them with the Word of God to help them grow in their Faith and become desciples of Christ.


The Home of the Good Shepherd was founded in 2007 by Pastor Simon Mwuara and his wife Lucy. The Home was officially established through a generous donation from members of Weddington United Methodist Church, located in North Carolina.