God's Grace For All Nations

God's Grace for All Nations (GGFAN) is an organization centered in Kenya geared towards unifying people across the different tribes of Kenya under God. The organization trains pastors and workers to help people in cities and remote areas get access to God's love. GGFAN works with teams to serve passionately in God's name following his will to reach out to people of all areas, cultures, and races, and bring them to Him.

Home of the Good Shepherd

The Home of the Good Shepherd is an orphanage in Nyahururu, Kenya that currently holds over sixty children taken in from the streets to protect them from starvation and disease. The orphanage relies upon donations from people and churches worldwide to support the kids with shelter, food, clothes, and education.


The oldest kids in the orphanage have started their exams! They run through November. These exams determine whether or not the kids go to a university or a technical institution. Keep them in your prayers!

Kenya Today

The Republic of Kenya is divided into many different tribes within the area. Its largest city is Nairobi. The Home of the Good Shepherd and the headquarters of God's Grace for All Nations are just a few hours outside the capital in Nyahururu.

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